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What is Live Sports Betting?

Live Sports Betting, as suggested by its name, allows punters to make their wager as the game progresses. Over time, live sports betting has revolutionized the way online bookies work, making it one of the popular forms of betting. Parimatch India is one of the top sportsbooks in India offering live sports betting. Depending on the sport and the betting market, these wagers are sometimes offered between quarters and in some other cases, they are provided after every single play. This means, in live sports betting, a punter can make a wager on a multitude of various things at any point during the game.

Live betting might not seem easy for someone who is a newcomer to the field. If you are good at analyzing and understanding the momentum of the game, you probably will have the potential to outshine in live sports betting.

What You Need to Know About Live Sports Betting Odds

If you are into betting, you might already know about the importance of odds. Basically, odds are the measure of how much you can win v/s how much you bet. Technically, the odds are always assumed to be accurate as the sportsbooks spend effort and money to get them right every time.

Even though the setting up of odds is easy in the case of classic betting, the live sports betting odds has a different story. Here, as the betting happens while the sport progresses, the odd keeps changing at regular intervals. The Sportsbooks are responsible to accurately set this up as the game proceeds without any delays. Parimatch is supported by an efficient team who sets up the changing odds accurately at the right intervals.

Popular Live Sports Betting Markets

Sports betting live is a popular event in Parimatch. On our platform, whether it be cricket, football, tennis, or basketball, punters can choose from different matches ranging from international to domestic and place their wager. Given below is the list of some of the most popular live sports betting markets provided by Parimatch.

Cricket betting Icon parimatch

Cricket Live Betting

The second most followed sport in the world owing to its huge popularity in India and the Asian Sub-continent, Cricket live betting is a favorite among punters at Parimatch India. We offer live cricket betting markets for both the IPL and International and domestic cricket tournaments across the globe.

Horse Racing betting Icon parimatch

Horse Racing Live

Betting on horse racing is quite simple. Pick a horse, make a wager, and earn if it wins. But like every sport event, horse racing live betting has its own challenges. You must follow the game from start to end as there is always a chance for a change in positions. Parimatch will be your perfect horse racing live betting companion.

Football betting Icon parimatch

Football Live Betting

There is no better way to enjoy a game of football, than by putting something on the line. With live football betting, you can wager of any game of your choosing at any point in the game you wish. Live betting provides you an opportunity to win big.

Tennis betting Icon parimatch

Tennis Live Betting

Like cricket and football, Tennis is another sport that is consistently ranked as one of the most popular games among punters. With Live Betting, you an increase your chances of Landing a winning bet by following the match closely. Bet live on Tennis today with Parimatch India.

Badminton Icon parimatch india

Badminton Live Betting

Be it classic Parimatch casino gaming or live dealer gaming, Parimatch always welcomes the new users with a bonus. Every new player that comes into the site gets a bonus that can be anything like a free spin, cashback, etc.

How to Get Started with Parimatch Live Sports Betting

To start your live sports betting with Parimatch, follow the steps given below:

  • You can either use the Parimatch website or mobile application to get started.
  • Register and verify your account and make deposit to the account.
  • Then go to the Sports section on the Parimatch menu.
  • Select a sport from those which has a red “Live” symbol on it.
  • Then use the site navigator or filter icon to find the match you want.
  • Choose the outcome of the match, betting odds and desired amount.


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