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Parimatch Instant Wins Games

What are Instant Win Games

As suggested by the name itself, Instant Win Games are those where the player can know the result instantly. We have a wide range of instant games to choose from, each of which is boosted by attractive bonuses and promotions.

Most often, instant win games take the form of scratch cards where players choose their stake and scratch the symbols to get the result revealed. The major difference between an instant win game and an online game is the delivery of results. These types of games are fun, easy to understand and offer the chance to win big prizes from low stakes compared to online games. If you haven’t tried instant win games on Parimatch India, you are missing out on some great entertainment.

Top Parimatch Instant Wins Games

As mentioned, Parimatch India offers a range of Instant win games that keeps you calm by revealing the result instantly. Listed is brief overview of the instant win games you can play at Parimatch India:

Slingo Game Icon parimatch india

Slingo Games

Slingo game is one of the most-opted instant win games at Parimatch. The name is a combination of slots and bingo and so is the game. From its simple yet fun format and huge range of themes to the chances to win real money, Slingo has it all. A regular Slingo game would bring a bingo card to your mind. The game consists of a grid in 5 X 5 format, which has a set of reels under it. The aim of the game is to match numbers on the reels with that of the grid. You start off the game by pressing the spin button and as you match the number on grid and reel five times you get a Slingo.

Scratch Card Icon parimatch india

Scratch Cards

Scratch card online game at Parimatch allows a player to scratch or click the panel to reveal the symbol placed within it. Hitting the required combination gets you a reward. Seems simple but is as powerful as earning you real money! Simple prize scratch cards at Parimatch require a player to scratch off three or more hidden characters. If all the items uncovered are the same, you win a prize. It’s a fact that scratch cards are one of the easiest ways to earn money at asinos. Parimatch offers different variants of the scratch card games each one having its own perks. If you haven’t tried one yet, it’s time to give it a try.

Bingo Betting image Parimatch


Bingo is a number game that resembles Keno. Parimatch offers various Bingo games where the player focuses on getting the first ticket containing the winning number during each session. Even though the numbers connected with your ticket is not on your control, you still can control the number of tickets in a play for each session. Which means players can increase their stake by buying more tickets, which eventually increases the winning chance.

The reward you get by winning bingo isn’t small when compared to other games. This means you put in some money to buy more tickets and you earn them all back once you win.

Keno Icon parimatch india


A casino game where the player must choose numbers between 1 to 10 from a given table of numbers that ranges from 1 to 80. These numbers are then randomly drawn, and you get a payout depending on how many picks came outright. This means the more numbers matched, the bigger is the payout.

At Parimatch, your Keno begins when you place your bet by selecting the number you think will be drawn. You can mark 1 to 10 numbers on the cards. Keno comes in different themes which makes the game more interesting.

How to Start Playing Parimatch Instant Wins?

Playing instant win games at Parimatch isn’t a big deal. You can either play them from your desktop or from your smartphone through the mobile website or Parimatch App. Our step-by-step instruction on how to start playing will be more than enough for you to understand the procedure and hit the start button. In case of any further help, you can always connect with our customer support team who are working round the clock.

Register with Parimatch India

  • To start with, visit the official website of Parimatch.
  • You then need to click on the “Register” icon and enter your mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP sent to the mobile number in the given box to confirm registration.

Deposit Money to Your Account

  • Then you must fund your account. Go to your profile and click “Deposit”.
  • Choose the desired payment method and enter the amount.
  • Confirm your transaction and then the amount will be credited to your gaming account.

Choose Your Parimatch Instant Wins Game

  • From the main menu choose “Casino”. 
  • Select the Instant Win Game that you wish to play.

Choose Your Parimatch Instant Wins Game

  • Withdraw Your Winnings 
  • To withdraw your winnings, go to the “Money Transactions” from which you can choose “Withdrawal of Money.”
  • Choose a payment method and enter the required details. 
  • Enter the withdrawal amount and confirm transaction.

Instant Win Games FAQs

No. Instant-win games are not fixed or predetermined. These are games of chance and cannot be fixed.

There is no best time to play an instant-win game. You can choose the time according to your convenience to play the game.

Some of the instant-win games you can find online are scratch cards, spinning
wheels, card games, keno, and bingo.

Yes, Instant-win games at Parimatch can help you win real money. You can
withdraw the winnings by clicking on the “withdrawal option” on the relevant
betting page under “transactions”.

The transactions of instant-win games are as same as that of other online casino
games. Depending on the payment method you choose the amount will be
credited to your account maximum within 3 working days


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